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During clinical trials, medication adherence and patient outcome compliance has traditionally been less than 50%. Archaic methods of recording outcomes contributes to high levels of non-compliance, compounded by a patient population that comprises of the elderly or patients with low literacy levels to understand the importance of medication intake schedules and reporting outcomes as per the trial protocol. Patient information based on correct medication intake and study compliance play an essential role during clinical and behavioral trials. Treatment Adherence (Medication intake, Follow-up, Visits etc) and Patient Reported Outcomes are the two major components of a successful clinical trial. With the history of non-compliant patients and inaccurate reported outcomes, sponsors and CROs incur large monetary losses and delays in closing out a study.

  PaDiSys mTA Benefits
Areas that PaDiSys-mTA addresses:
  • Smaller budget to perform the study
  • Large patient population participating in the study
  • Lower regulatory operational approvals when conducting the studies
  • Quicker on-boarding time to get started on the study
  • Tendency to conduct these studies in emerging or developing countries

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