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PaDiSys-mPRO is a Mobile based Patient Reported Outcome Capturing Solution for clinical and behavioral trials. PaDiSys-mPRO is an intuitive solution directed towards capturing patient related information at source and increasing compliance and trial adherence by many folds.

Traditional paper collection methods of patient data during clinical trials are time consuming, labor intense and can result in incomplete, invalid or illegible data. While large biopharmaceutical companies and CRO's have adopted electronic methods to PRO, cost and complexity make its adoption among the rest of companies in the industry a challenge. PaDiSys-mPRO solutions is delivered using technologies that allows customers minimal upfront costs and low risks.

Recruitment and patient retention can be challenging and a major expenses for sponsors. PaDiSys has developed just the right process controls to address this issue.

  PaDiSys mPRO Benefits

With clinical trials going global, localization of assessments and interventions is essential. PaDiSys has innovative technology to not only provide text in global language but techniques to reach out to the patients in their local languages.

PaDiSys-mPro provides many more features and benefits.